Construction and Mechanical & Electrical Recruitment

As experts with decades of experience behind us, we know that our clients rely on their ability to recruit a reliable and qualified workforce. Because we specialise in construction and electrical recruitment, we are able to identify suitable candidates quickly and easily to help you to avoid any unwanted down-time.

Whether you are looking for specialists to help you with temporary recruitment or you’re keen to build a long-term relationship with experienced candidates to provide mechanical and electrical building services, we can help you.


Any employer who needs to fill temporary Construction and M&E Jobs and has struggled to find reliable labour for hire will appreciate the importance of finding qualified and experienced staff. Many agencies focus on the number of applicants rather than their quality, whereas we have been in construction recruitment for long enough to know that it’s all about getting the right people for your jobs the first time. Our commitment to quality includes running our own apprenticeships to turn out experienced candidates who are perfectly placed to start work in their chosen field.

We have a team of experts who have worked with and for construction agencies for years and have mastered the art of finding and engaging quality candidates. As mechanical and electrical recruiters for some of the biggest names in the business, we are uniquely experienced when it comes to filling jobs. We can offer support with everything from solving your temporary recruitment problems to filling vacancies for electrical jobs, providing long-term support in the form of M & E building services and training apprentices to secure the future of the workforce.


As a temporary labour supplier, we do all the hard work for you – we check credentials and make sure that every candidate we send you will be an asset to your business.  Some agencies focus on availability, but we are more interested in suitability for the role.

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