Month: August 2015

Pier gets a Trademark

Pier Consulting, now has a trademark.

Pier Consulting - Trademark Certificate

Pier sponsors british clubmans championship 2015

Pier Consulting were thrilled when asked by their client MCS Ltd to provide sponsorship for this years ACU British Clubmans Championship 2015 MCS  Speedway - Programe MCS Speedway 2 - Pier

The construction sector is booming

As the construction sector continues to grow at an incredible rate, Pier touches on the impact the skills shortage is having on the industry and for the M&E industry it serves how they can assist with trying to do their bit for Apprentices, the skills shortage, and associated construction training.

Read the full story published in the Bristol Business Post this week. Pier Resources - BBP Article Pier Consulting - BBP Article

Becoming an apprentice is a no-brianer

Pier Consulting are proud of what they trying to achieve within the Building Services industry by offering its clients a new way of recruiting apprentices. Pier are trying to do their bit for the industry wide skill shortage, still early days with the “flexible apprenticeship scheme” but Pier have great expectations that by the time college comes around again in 2016 they will have hit their target of having 20 M&E apprentices out in the field.

Read the story on Melissa, published in the Electrical Times Magazine (page 34) Melissa an excellent apprentice that we had placed with Weston Electrical Services, Melissa has been a perfect example for an Electrical Apprentice. Weston Electrical have already booked 3 more apprentices with us this year all due to start college in September, 1 Plumbing, 1 Industrial & Commercial Pipe fitter and 1 Electrical, in partnership with BEST Pier consulting look forward to watching them work towards their trade

Electrical Apprentice - Melissa